What made you want to become a police officer?

It was an organization with a chain of command that I understood coming out of the Marine Corps. It was an easier transition from the Marines.

Are there other members of your family who work in law enforcement?


How did you come to choose Prince William County?

Prince William County chose me. The patrol schedule worked well with the family.

What do you like best about working as a Police Officer?

The comradery between my brothers and sisters and doing what most people are unable to do which is to go towards the danger to help someone who needs help.

What surprised you most about the job?

The administrative work is at least 70% of our job to include court preparation.

What would surprise people about you?

Can’t tell you, it’s a surprise.

What would you tell people who are thinking of becoming a Police Officer in Prince William County?

Don’t do it for the money. Do it for the Journey, your legacy, for your brothers, sisters, and for those who need your help.

What is the biggest misconception about your job?

That we just give tickets and direct traffic.

What is the most rewarding part of your job?

When someone who I do not know thanks me for my service.

What is your typical day like?

Wake up at 0300 hours, go to the gym, prep my children’s snacks for school, take a cold shower make my lunch for the day to include my snacks. Attend roll call at 0700 hours. My goal during my shift is to be as proactive as possible. Be home around 1800 hours. Try to get some time on the mat with Jiu Jitsu in the evening. Eat dinner with the family. Catch up with the wife on our day. Get my boys ready for bed, take a cold shower and try to hit the rack by 2200.

What are some of the things you like to do when you’re not on duty? (hobbies, interests, etc.)

Learn more Jiu Jitsu. Listen to Jocko Willink Podcast. Read about war and military books. Spend time with the family.

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